Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let freedom ring!

Is this the most handsome soldier ever? This photo was taken almost exactly 5 years ago on the day of Matt's deployment to Baghdad. I'll never forget that day--I was charting new waters having never been part of a military family before. I have such pride in Matt's service and am particularly grateful to those who chose to serve our country at a time of war.
On this Veteran's Day I remember and honor my two grandfathers-Ed Heydinger (who is 90 years young), Byron Morgan who is now deceased, and his brother-in laws who were killed in war at very young ages-Robert and Gates Neidlinger. My dad (Robert Gates Morgan) is named after them. I must also recognize Matt's grandparents-Don Underwood (who is 83 years young) and Vertus Schulz, now deceased. These men are all heroes to me. I am grateful for their service and sacrifice.


  1. Thanks for your message! That is too funny about busting your hubby carrying the crutches!! Hope his foot is starting to heal; I know that must be NOT fun (for either of you!)

  2. Wow! Yes they are.

    BTW I got my super-cute coat at Old Navy;)