Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Off and running again....or at least trying!

I have taken a hiatus from many things lately--one of them obviously being this blog, and the other is always the first thing to go--working out! I was determined to start running again and decided to get home at a decent time from work, change, and head out. I prepared mentally all day-ate well (Dagwoods for lunch) snacked well a couple hours before running and my shoes felt great! I made it about 1.5 miles and a sudden storm came out of nowhere. There was lightning, thunder--the close kind that sounds scary, strong winds and rain pelting me as I tried to get home quickly. The rain felt great, since is was sticky and humid outside but the rest I could have done without!

For those of you who love to run in the rain, or like me, just get caught running in the rain there is nothing worse than the sopping wet shoes that follow! The best way to get your running shoes dry fast is to stuff them with newspaper.
Sure enough, my shoes are dry this the event I want to give it another go. Maybe I'll just try blogging instead!

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